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Transforming Your Health & Skin Naturally

Simply Balanced Nutrition with Sam Capes

​In the midst of our busy daily routines, it's easy to become accustomed to feelings of discomfort and fatigue. 


The monthly challenges of PMS and period-related issues are normalised, accepted as an inevitable part of being a woman. 


The embarrassing tummy troubles that you put down to IBS are getting worse.  You’ve tried cutting out some ‘trigger’ foods for a few weeks, but you’re not sure why and the list is getting longer, so you just eat the same things every day. 


You eat healthy food, but you’re putting on weight, and you’re hungry all the time.


You've been struggling with acne, despite trying numerous creams, lotions and antibiotics with unpleasant side effects.  Your blood tests from the doctor come back as normal.


You’ve Googled everything.  You feel at a loss and don’t know what to do anymore.


Does this sound familiar?

Meet Sam

Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

My name is Sam Capes and I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in skin, hormones and gut health.  


Nutritional Therapy looks at the whole person, not just the symptoms.  The holistic approach considers your lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and specific health goals.


I work with busy people like you to achieve sustainable and easy to follow healthy eating habits to regain your confidence with your skin, balance your hormones and finally get some relief from your troublesome gut.


I will help you to cut through the confusing information about what you should or shouldn’t be doing with a personalised, non complicated nutrition and health coaching plan.


You will quickly learn that simple changes make a huge difference to the problems that you may be experiencing, and I will guide and support you to make these changes stick.


You can break free from fad diets and the latest ‘miracle’ products that promise the world, but never deliver.  You can rediscover the joy of food!

Sam Capes Nutritional Therapist

What I Specialise In

Healthy Skin

Establish Eating Habits

Hormone Balance


Health Goals

Personalised Nutrition Plan

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